Alter LP (Gizeh Records)

Divided into four colour-inspired, long-form movements, Alter takes off from Lindholm’s previous work – a self-titled album released in 2015 on Icarus Records, and pushes the already abundant palette of sounds even further. This new work is more brooding and hypnotic. A deep, resonating bass is present – hinting at the likes of Greek, chamber-doom merchants Mohammad but perhaps with more attention placed upon textures and melody.

The record moves at a funereal pace and opener Fauve hits abyssal depths from the outset. A bowed melody is coaxed through the throbbing bass with dissonant harmonics drawing you in and holding you close. The ghostly beginnings of Alyscamps create an overwhelmingly tense atmosphere where acoustic and electronic elements collide and evolve into a heaving, ceremonious drone. Shafts of light emerge through the fog but the tone remains a haunted one. Closer, Heliotrope, strikes a more hopeful note. A lighter, more open feel emerges – bringing to mind early work of The Rachels or perhaps Deaf Center.

Alter is a triumphant record in its entirety. Seamlessly moving from light to shade and back again, experimenting in heavy atmosphere and ultimately drawing you into its deep and mysterious world.


All music by Otto Lindholm
Mastered by Lawrence English
Original painting by Claire Brentnall
Design by SmilingPaperGhosts

Music : Otto Lindholm
Record label : Gizeh Records
Year : 2017
Master : Lawrence English
Artwork : Claire Brentnall
Design : SmilingPaperGhosts