Otto Lindholm &

Yannick Jacquet


‘Monochromes’ is a hybrid project at the intersection of music, light and colour, a collaboration between visual artist Yannick Jacquet and composer/double bassist Otto Lindholm.

At the heart of ‘Monochromes’ is a series of 12 unique compositions for double bass and looper, each lasting a fixed 5 minutes. Each composition focuses on a specific note of the musical scale, to which is freely associated a luminous hue, thought of as a sound colour. The result is a chromatic alphabet – the 12 semitones of Western music – that questions our relationship with representations.

Inspired by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, a cognitive therapy using eye movements) techniques, the artists weave a dialogue between music, colour and light, exploring their influences on our mental state. ‘Monochromes’ invites to slow down and take in the sensations that can emerge from its coloured circular stimuli.

The main installation, consisting of an ellipse of screens surrounded by sound, presents the twelve sound monochromes and is sporadically activated by a musician within it.


Past exhibitions
• Oct 21 2023 – Museum Night Fever, Halles St Gery (Brussels)
• Feb 03 2024 > March 02 2024 – The Colours Shift (an exhibition curated by Ohme), LaVallée (Brussels)