Wonderfully Desolate

Everything Falls Apart gathers Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow (Houndstooth), and Otto Lindholm (Icarus, Gizeh, Totalism). The duo took shape during week-long sessions at Ross Tones’ studio.

Using his talents as an electronic producer, Ross Tones adds a live third dimension to every pulse of Otto Lindholm’s double bass, creating an ever-changing audio shape that exist in the space between them. This composition process combining the best of each musician led them to produce powerful, cinematic and beautiful music together, of which this first single is a fine example.

Wonderfully desolate, as a first official release preceding an upcoming LP due out in 2023 on Totalism, celebrates the arrival of a formidable duo grounded around words from Mark Z. Danielewski’s chef-d’oeuvre House of Leaves : “In fact, the more I try to escape, the less I can breathe. The more I try to hold on, the less I can focus. Something’s leaving me. Parts of me. Everything falls apart.”

Music by Otto Lindholm and Ross Tones
Mixed by Ross Tones
Mastered by Frédéric Alstadt
Artwork by Olivier Van Uffel
Totalism 2023