Otto Lindholm

Double bass player and composer Otto Lindholm comes to light with his project and debut LP simply called ‘Otto Lindholm’.  Released on Icarus Records | Vynilla Vinyls.

In the mood of bands and projects as Mohammad or James Ginzburg, Otto Lindholm debut LP proposes an intense and noir three track LP, comprised by stand-alone experiments coming from a unique producing process elaborated by the artist. The double bass dialogues in the dark with blinking analogue machines creating beatless but dynamic music, fully habited by plate-shifting bass drones.

« At once dangerous and stunningly beautiful » FACT
« An absolutly incredible piece of music » Mary Anne Hobbs
« An incredible odyssey. A great year for classical deconstruction / detonation / disintegration with records by Roly Porter, Paul Jebanasam and Otto Lindholm » The Bug

Label: Icarus Records & Vynilla Vinyls (2016)
Music: Otto Lindholm
Mix: Maxime Gendebien
Master: Fred Alstadt
Artwork : Jeroen De Wandel
Silkscreen : Marijke Loozen


Watch Nilindigo on Nowness, a film by awarded belgian director Valéry Rosier.

Nowness Video-Art Visions: Otto Lindholm – Nilindigo

« Surging electronic contrabass soundtracks a symmetrical psychedelic saga »